Friday, March 27, 2009

Like Lazarus Back From the Dead

Citizens were today amazed by the sight of the gallant and presumed dead Colonel Jaehde (wearing a muddy and much holed coat ) riding in to Drossen today with a small escort of Hussars. The young officer in charge of the escort told of finding the Colonel lying unconscious on the battlefield partially covered by the bodies of two more unfortunate Grolteiner musketeers after the battle was so gloriously won by Grolstein. The hussars had been tasked with combing the field for the wounded the evening after the battle. After driving off a party of scavenging Konigreich Jagers the hussars spotted the colonel and, thinking him dead, decided to bring his body in. As they hefted him on to the back of one of the stray horses still grazing the field, the presumably dead man groaned! The hussars gathered round and revived him with a bit of schnapps from a canteen....and the young officer, certainly now thinking of promotion, said, "Let's get this lucky fellow home!"


  1. Once again, it is proven one can be "mostly dead" and recover nicely.

    If not a promotion, the Colonel deserves a middle range medal or at least a few days off with a suitable companion or two.


  2. Very glad to see that the young freiherr is, indeed, alright and in one piece. Hip, hip, hip! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!

    Best Regards,


  3. So, what's he got to live for? ;-)
    (did somebody say "to blave"? lol)

    Unexpected, but good news! DId you "game" this? (i.e. roll to see if "presumed dead" wasn't really dead?)

  4. The colonel was given an extra D6 to get a lucky break...and as the story was being told I'm thinking it would make a nice little skirmish it's next up on the table! " Jaehde's Escape"...stay tuned!

  5. Reich Duke Wilhem was so pleased with the good news, he instructed the College of Honors to induct Col Jaehde into the Order of the Goblet. Best regards and a speedy recovery!

  6. A narrow escape for the young officer, he obviously has a lucky streak - will it make it him a successful general ?

    -- Allan

  7. The good Colonel has instructed me to give his best regard to all his well wishers and in particular to Reich Duke Wilhelm for his great kindness in awarding The Order of the Tankard. The Colonel's only wish now is to get back to his gallant Regiment and have another go at those Bleiherzeners!