Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Action

Sad news today from the frontier, Colonel Konrad Jaehde today was killed in action as his regiment gallantly defended a supply column. Colonel Jaehde was recently made the commandant of the first Grolstein regiment of infantry. This was the Regiment's first time in action and by all accounts performed heroically despite its colonel falling in the first volley. The Austrian column was being escorted through Grolstein territory and Regiment Jaehde was brigaded with a Hungarian unit that also performed well in the battle.

No word from the Grand Duchess as to who might replace the colonel.

Colonel Jaehde leads his regiment into action moments before he is felled by a Blieherzener volley.

Hungarian infantry defend the tail of the column, with the Grolsteiners rallying near the bridge (upper far right) after briefly faltering upon the death of their Colonel.

....buying time for the supply column's escape, Austrians and Hungarians resist the pursuing Prussian/Bleiherzen force with steady volleys...


  1. Wow, sometimes a military career can be very short, huh? At least the Grolsteiners succeeded in their mission.

  2. Furst Bruno von Ursa of Saxe-Bearstein sends his condolences to the family of this gallant officer.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  3. Reich Duke Wilhelm was sadden to hear of Colonel Jaehde's demise, however, his legend will live on in his regiment's history. Your great RSM figures have inspired me to redo all the regiments in the Beerstein army with these figures. I'm almost finished with the first four regiments which I will post very soon. Thanks for your inspiration...

  4. Nice looking little action. I like the river sections.

    -- Allan

  5. The shock of the Colonels demise is made all the more when astute Grolsteiners (they have a head for numbers...) calculate the odds of it happening.... a draw of an ace, (.076)...failing a D6 save on a 1-4, (.66)...and finally getting a severity roll on a D6 of 6 (.16)...giving a total chance of .08 percent...really bad luck indeed!

  6. Roll a D6 and it is Odd/Even that the Colonel was wearing a cuirasse/not wearing a cuirasse. It is a shame to have a promising career nipped short.

  7. He shouldn't have gotten a policy from the Brunswick Life Insurance Company. They don't have a very good record for client lifespans.