Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Territory in Question

The Duchess' Minister of Roads, Bridges and Borders has recently unveiled the newest map of The Grand Duchy of Grolstein showing its strategic position in Eastern Europe astride the logistical routes that Frederick of Prussia must use to satisfy his demands for horseflesh from Western Poland. Those horses are critical to his war effort against Austria and Russia and control of the routes to the Oder River will figure prominently in the Duchess' war efforts against her neighbor the Konigsreich der Bleiherzen.

(Gaming notes: The location of Grolstein and Bleiherzen are predicated on a hypothetical "strategic border" along the Oder River that would be necessary for the Prussian's to control in order to have access to Polish horses from the east to resupply their cavalry and the Austrian's need to interdict this critical resource...thus the invention of two small nations that find themselves in a critical point in world events yet still able to pursue their own local interests...like the Duchess' interest in expanding her strength—and her access to soldiers—by annexing a nearby country. The grid indicated on the more detailed map is approximately a 4 mile grid...and the grid squares will correspond "loosely" to a 4'x4' section on my gaming table...even though this will involve some compression of scale when a battle is set up. The map I used was a section of Silesia from a historical map...but with enough detail to give an approximate table terrain for each square and reasonable march distances for campaigning. This should be a good basis for long term campaigning and intervention by the larger neighbors. The Konigsreich is more wooded in keeping with the Bleiherzlanders penchant for woodcraft and "klienkrieg"...and Grolstein is more open terrain, and more suitable for large scale cavalry operations...a favorite of the Duchess)...I'm still working out major cities and terrain...more refinements to come!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Grolsteiner's Finest

The Duchess today was notified that her long promised Regiment of Cuirassiers has completed their training and are ready for battle! The unit is 2 squadrons strong, display coat facings in the Duchess Maria Marlene der Grolstein's favorite color of carmine red. Commanded by Colonel Hans Grothaus, Kurassier Regiment 1 is the premier unit of the Grolsteiner army. KR1 also proudly carry the new cavalry guidons of Grolstein. Court rumors have strongly suggested that Colonel Grothaus is romantically entangled with the Duchess, but so far, being a very taciturn bookish man, he has remained silent on the matter...

Painting comment: I'm going with a heavy gloss coat (Krylon Triple Thick Gloss) on the RSMs. It seems to give the figures a real depth and "fine toy soldier" look that I'm going for with my ImagiNations.

A map of the states is soon forthcoming as military engineers on both sides of the disputed territory strive to produce the necessary information that will create a decisive advantage.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The New Flag of Grolstein

The new flag of the Duchy of Grolstein, with a nod to the big sister states of Austria and Russia... The Duchess  considers any fighting under the symbol of the moon to be kindred in spirit as well as fact!

The Duchess Must Not Be Resisted!

Austrian Freicorps in the service of Grolstein...

The Grolstein forces at present are composed mainly of Austrian mercenaries but soon the Duchess will have her own...

The Duchess hopes her lads will gain a foothold in Bleiherzen territory before the new year. Her light infantry is second to none (with her Austrian allies help...) She has assured Maria Teresa that her forces will be built up before spring, but in the meantime she relies on Austria for her manpower.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Duchess' Christmas Surprise!

From your Majesty's agent, 1756

The Grand Duchess, (whose intentions seem to this correspondent to be inexplicably motivated at this late time in the year, it being so near Crīstes mæsse) has ordered her advance guard to cross the River Neuer and renew hostilities against the Königreich der Bleiherzen. As the Duchess has been heard to say, "those young men to the west...benötigen Sie etwas liebevolle Aufmerksamkeit!" (need some loving attention)...

Could this formidable creature be the Monarch of the world's newest ImagiNation...she certainly seems bellicose enough.... and her appetite for soldiers....mon dieu!...and what unfortunate state is fated to be the target of her attentions! Who knows...perhaps news from our agents before the month is out?