Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Duchess' Christmas Surprise!

From your Majesty's agent, 1756

The Grand Duchess, (whose intentions seem to this correspondent to be inexplicably motivated at this late time in the year, it being so near Crīstes mæsse) has ordered her advance guard to cross the River Neuer and renew hostilities against the Königreich der Bleiherzen. As the Duchess has been heard to say, "those young men to the west...benötigen Sie etwas liebevolle Aufmerksamkeit!" (need some loving attention)...


  1. A very nice looking game board and scenario. Those look like RSM Austrians on the near side of the river, so I assume Prussians on the far side. I like the buildings too, it looks like some are scratch built and others are paper terrain perhaps? Do tell more.



  2. I agree -- Great looking troops, buildings, and scenery. Did you make the buildings yourself?

    Best Regards,


  3. Yes the figs are all RSMs individually based and regulars grouped on magnetic stands (6 to a 60mm wide stand) I'll post pics of the mounts and how to soon. I scratched the buildings based on photos in C. Grant's "The Wargame". I got the bug last June to go "old school" and I threw my heart into it all summer on the figs and buildings. They are actually really easy to produce... I'm planning a post showing how in short order. I'm thinking of doing stepped hills (based on those great images from Stokes-Schwartz... since the old geo-hex foam hills drive me crazy... so if I get a jigsaw for Christmas...I'm in business!


  4. I agree as to the look of everything . . . and I'll look forward to that tutorial.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  5. As Old School eye-candy as one can wish!
    In this Age of Enlightenment, many members of the Fair Sex rise above their traditional subservient role... Duchesses, among them.
    Interesting times!


  6. Lovely stuff, nice setup

    -- Allan

  7. Yes,yes,yes! More eye candy...Bill