Monday, December 29, 2008

The Grolsteiner's Finest

The Duchess today was notified that her long promised Regiment of Cuirassiers has completed their training and are ready for battle! The unit is 2 squadrons strong, display coat facings in the Duchess Maria Marlene der Grolstein's favorite color of carmine red. Commanded by Colonel Hans Grothaus, Kurassier Regiment 1 is the premier unit of the Grolsteiner army. KR1 also proudly carry the new cavalry guidons of Grolstein. Court rumors have strongly suggested that Colonel Grothaus is romantically entangled with the Duchess, but so far, being a very taciturn bookish man, he has remained silent on the matter...

Painting comment: I'm going with a heavy gloss coat (Krylon Triple Thick Gloss) on the RSMs. It seems to give the figures a real depth and "fine toy soldier" look that I'm going for with my ImagiNations.

A map of the states is soon forthcoming as military engineers on both sides of the disputed territory strive to produce the necessary information that will create a decisive advantage.


  1. Fine looking lads all! Colonel Grothaus is obviously a bold man who will have to use all his skills to lead his troops and keep his head. An unsatisfied woman is far more damagerous that mere foes...Bill

  2. Excellent looking troopers, I must agree. A very respectable force indeed.

    -- Jeff

  3. Very impressive, as befits 'Gros Freres', and at the same time very good-looking, as befits devoted soldiers of a lovely (???) Duchess.


  4. Great figures - I look forward to the map with interest...

  5. Lovely work! You have indeed set the bar very high for the painting, varnishing, and basing of cuirassiers. Can't wait to see them in action.

    Best Regards,


  6. Lovely Cuirassiers, ready to sweep away the opposition ?

    -- Allan

  7. Inspirational, sir. Once I finally feel competent with infantry, I have some RSM Prussian Cuirassiers of my own awaiting me.

  8. They're lovely - a hybrid mix of toy soldier look, but modern style basing, very nice!