Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Duchess Opens the Ball-Battle of Grosse Kirchbaum Part I

The Grand Army of Grolstein under Field Marshal Mienrad Schwerertrinker made a bold thrust across the frontier to open the Grand Duchess' summer campaign against the Konigsreich. Based on recent reports from patrolling hussars, the Field Marshal reckoned that the bridge near the town of Grosse Kirchbaum was lightly held and could potentially be taken by a surprise coup de main, making the way for a deeper thrust into Bleiherzen proper. The general had at his disposal 2 regiments of infantry, the Grand Duchess' Own Cuirassier Regiment, a strong body of Croats, a unit of French Freicorps mercenaries and Major Gl├╝cklicherschu├č and his battery of red-coated Grolstein Artillery.

With this small force the Field Marshal hoped to catch the Blieherzeners unprepared at dawn....

the Grolsteiner column masses outside the town of Grosse Kirchbaum

a surprise encounter between the mercenary Freicorps and a Bleiherzen squadron of dragoons doing their morning reconniassance across the critical bridge opens the ball...

Bleiherzener Jagers hold a ford just upriver from the bridge, the village of Neu Jagow in the background held where a Bleiherzener howitzer is posted

the Duchess' Own Cuirassiers

The Field Marshall watches Colonal Jahde's musketeers move through Grosse Kirchbaum

meanwhile a lone horseman gallops through the morning mist stealthily using the woods as cover...what can he be up to?


  1. I really like your buildings . . . and the clean overall look of the terrain . . . as well as your troops of course.

    -- Jeff

  2. So good-looking buildings and troops! Looking forward for the full battle - and campaign.

  3. Yes, I really like the buildings too - very atmospheric. And I like the troops too. Not to mention the good photographs!


  4. Those figures and buildings are excellent!

  5. Wonderful terrain and buildings and troops! Not looking like a very auspicious start for the Grolsteiners...

  6. Very well done. The buildings were great as well as the troops.