Monday, February 16, 2009

Infantry Regiment Jaehde

Colonel Konrad Jaehde today was made commandant of the first Grolstein regiment of infantry. Regiment Jaehde paraded on the cold, windy drillfield (strangely green for this time of year...) outside of Drossen in their fine new uniforms recently delivered by Grolstein's Chief of Tailors, Herr Muffinger. Rumors are that this regiment will be off to the frontier within the week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visit from the Duchess

"Mon dieu, il est beau!" , the Grand Duchess softly said...

...surprising several of her attendants during a morning visit to Grolstein's Chief of Tailors, Herr Muffefinger. The Duchess, not given to public outbursts, (normally being a careful and discreet woman), astonished courtiers within earshot even reporting that the Duchess showed a slight flush to her normally pale complexion.

Herr Muffefinger had been working day and night to finish the first uniform of the new Grolstein musketeer regiment knowing that the Duchess wanted to personally approve the new design. Though interest throughout the Grolstein Officer Corps for the new post of Commandant has been most intense, the Duchess has yet reveal her choice for the new regiment. But with news of the Duchess' attention, competition will most certainly gain a fever pitch. Hopefully, despite their obvious zeal, those hot-blooded fellows will not revive the reprehensible practice dueling again!

The Grand Duchess is rumored to have, without a word, handed Herr Muffefinger a small red velvet purse just before stepping into to her coach...she inclined her head slightly toward him and wispered, "Sie haben sich Herr Muffefinger ├╝bertroffen."

...Muffefinger was reportedly revived by his apprentices several minutes later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The "Point" of the Duchess' Sword

The High Command of the Army of Grolstein reviewing troops in the field. On the left is CinC Field Marshal Mienrad Schwerertrinker and two unnamed ADCs rumored to be political appointments directly requested by the Duchess. The Field Marshall is unhappy with having unknown and untested men in his command entourage but he has no choice but to obey the wishes of the Duchess, who can be most convincing...

On the training grounds near the Grolstein capitol of Drossen, a new regiment of musketeers are being put through their initial training. They are seen here waiting to receive their uniforms...which are yet to be delivered from the tailors.