Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visit from the Duchess

"Mon dieu, il est beau!" , the Grand Duchess softly said...

...surprising several of her attendants during a morning visit to Grolstein's Chief of Tailors, Herr Muffefinger. The Duchess, not given to public outbursts, (normally being a careful and discreet woman), astonished courtiers within earshot even reporting that the Duchess showed a slight flush to her normally pale complexion.

Herr Muffefinger had been working day and night to finish the first uniform of the new Grolstein musketeer regiment knowing that the Duchess wanted to personally approve the new design. Though interest throughout the Grolstein Officer Corps for the new post of Commandant has been most intense, the Duchess has yet reveal her choice for the new regiment. But with news of the Duchess' attention, competition will most certainly gain a fever pitch. Hopefully, despite their obvious zeal, those hot-blooded fellows will not revive the reprehensible practice dueling again!

The Grand Duchess is rumored to have, without a word, handed Herr Muffefinger a small red velvet purse just before stepping into to her coach...she inclined her head slightly toward him and wispered, "Sie haben sich Herr Muffefinger ├╝bertroffen."

...Muffefinger was reportedly revived by his apprentices several minutes later.


  1. I have to fully agree with my Sister Ruler (if with different undertones!).
    Louys de Monte-Cristo

  2. Looks like a gallant uniform for valiant soldiers!