Thursday, February 5, 2009

The "Point" of the Duchess' Sword

The High Command of the Army of Grolstein reviewing troops in the field. On the left is CinC Field Marshal Mienrad Schwerertrinker and two unnamed ADCs rumored to be political appointments directly requested by the Duchess. The Field Marshall is unhappy with having unknown and untested men in his command entourage but he has no choice but to obey the wishes of the Duchess, who can be most convincing...

On the training grounds near the Grolstein capitol of Drossen, a new regiment of musketeers are being put through their initial training. They are seen here waiting to receive their uniforms...which are yet to be delivered from the tailors.


  1. Great general figure! Lady monarchs do have their ways eh:)

  2. The infantry figures are RSM Hanoverians. I wanted the Grolstein infantry to have hat plumes and the RSM Hanoverian castings have (I think...) a bit of leaves/sprig that look like a plume so I went with that casting. They also have larger cuffs and the cuff has a V shaped split in them, so they will look different from my Austrian stuff which is the look I'm after. I'm still deciding whether the Grolstein infantry will be red coated or a sort of French grey with red waistcoats... I'm leaning towards the latter so that eventually I can add a British ally force to the Prussia/Bleiherzen side of things...

  3. ADC's come and go, so there is really no need to become overly attached. French grey with red waistcoats sounds very good!

  4. A very good-looking staff!
    In French service, while the bulk of the infantry was in grey the staff was in (royal) blue. Grolstein infantry in French grey with facings of the same red as the staff's coat would be perfectly fitting.