Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle of Grosse Kirchbaum- Part II

...continued from part I...

The lone rider picks his way carefully around the outskirts of the now thundering battle, avoiding any encounter with roving Bleiherzener patrols...he makes his way to a ford known only to locals, (the crowns he paid the old miller for the location of the ford weeks ago now pay off!...the rider approaches the ford, now defended by a party of Grolstein Croats who had discovered the ford accidentally. The Croats are suspicious...and take a couple of pot shots at the rider but fail to bring him down...fortunately for him the officer in command of the Croats had been told to be on the lookout for just such a rider approaching from the Bleiherzen side of the river and he manages to stop the firing just in time...

The lone rider reaches the ford and despite some initial suspicion on the part of the Croats guarding the ford, the rider is allowed to seems the Croats are after bigger game...the Bleiherzen right flank!

...the first major clash in the battle occurs when the Duchess' Cuirassiers charge in to the countercharging Koniggratz Dragoons who, after a wild melee and outnumbered 2-1 are scattered...

the main body of Grolstein infantry then try to force the center ford... the seemingly "musketball proof" Colonel Jaehde leads his infantry regiment across the river in column...many in his regiment feel like he has a personal score to settle with the Bleiherzenmanner...a Hungarian ally regiment in the distance marches towards the bridge.

the fire from the Bleiherzen jagers is hot...and the arrival of a regiment of Bleiherzen fusiliers makes it all the hotter...

French mercenaries in the service of Grolstein are the first to contest the bridge and their fire causes some casualties in the defending Bleiherzen infantry.

The Hungarian Regiment Esterhazy closes in on the bridge crossing...

The Grand Duchess' artillery commanded by Major Gl├╝cklicher Schuss pound the enemy's positions across the river...

French mercenaries offer a hot skirmish at the bridge.

...and Colonel Jaehde's regiment is decimated at the rivers edge and forced to retire...

As survivors of his fine regiment retreat back across the river,
Jaehde is heard to shout
, " Wir kommen zur├╝ck!" (we will return!!)

meanwhile, the Duchess' Cuirassiers reform and make a charge on the bridge...

a glorious charge!...but they are shattered by Bleiherzen musketry!

At the height of the battle, the lone rider on a lathered horse gallops up to the Commander of the Grolstein Army...with a critical message for the Grand Duchess!

The Hungarians finally throw their weight across the bridge and charge the Bleiherzen infantry regiment (now weakened by the fire of the enemy light infantry) and in a fierce melee, drive them off and make good the crossing to win the battle...the Bleiherzeners just manage to save their artillery and leave the field to Grolstein! word yet as to the contents of the message...


  1. Great report! I always enjoy your terrain and minis! Fun to look at and good inspiration, too :-D

  2. Much enjoyed reading the report. Glad to have found your blog.

    Best wishes, Keith.

  3. Keith,

    welcome to the blog!
    be sure to check out my other blogs at:


  4. What wonderful troops, they really look the ticket or bees knees or ducks guts (please choose the most appropriate), and wonderfully photographed with an enjoyable battle report. That would have to be a hat trick in anyones books.

    Look forward to reading more and of course the fantastic photo's


  5. Very nice pictures and figures! The charge on the bridge is great...

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