Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle of Grosse Kirchbaum- Part II

...continued from part I...

The lone rider picks his way carefully around the outskirts of the now thundering battle, avoiding any encounter with roving Bleiherzener patrols...he makes his way to a ford known only to locals, (the crowns he paid the old miller for the location of the ford weeks ago now pay off!...the rider approaches the ford, now defended by a party of Grolstein Croats who had discovered the ford accidentally. The Croats are suspicious...and take a couple of pot shots at the rider but fail to bring him down...fortunately for him the officer in command of the Croats had been told to be on the lookout for just such a rider approaching from the Bleiherzen side of the river and he manages to stop the firing just in time...

The lone rider reaches the ford and despite some initial suspicion on the part of the Croats guarding the ford, the rider is allowed to seems the Croats are after bigger game...the Bleiherzen right flank!

...the first major clash in the battle occurs when the Duchess' Cuirassiers charge in to the countercharging Koniggratz Dragoons who, after a wild melee and outnumbered 2-1 are scattered...

the main body of Grolstein infantry then try to force the center ford... the seemingly "musketball proof" Colonel Jaehde leads his infantry regiment across the river in column...many in his regiment feel like he has a personal score to settle with the Bleiherzenmanner...a Hungarian ally regiment in the distance marches towards the bridge.

the fire from the Bleiherzen jagers is hot...and the arrival of a regiment of Bleiherzen fusiliers makes it all the hotter...

French mercenaries in the service of Grolstein are the first to contest the bridge and their fire causes some casualties in the defending Bleiherzen infantry.

The Hungarian Regiment Esterhazy closes in on the bridge crossing...

The Grand Duchess' artillery commanded by Major Glücklicher Schuss pound the enemy's positions across the river...

French mercenaries offer a hot skirmish at the bridge.

...and Colonel Jaehde's regiment is decimated at the rivers edge and forced to retire...

As survivors of his fine regiment retreat back across the river,
Jaehde is heard to shout
, " Wir kommen zurück!" (we will return!!)

meanwhile, the Duchess' Cuirassiers reform and make a charge on the bridge...

a glorious charge!...but they are shattered by Bleiherzen musketry!

At the height of the battle, the lone rider on a lathered horse gallops up to the Commander of the Grolstein Army...with a critical message for the Grand Duchess!

The Hungarians finally throw their weight across the bridge and charge the Bleiherzen infantry regiment (now weakened by the fire of the enemy light infantry) and in a fierce melee, drive them off and make good the crossing to win the battle...the Bleiherzeners just manage to save their artillery and leave the field to Grolstein! word yet as to the contents of the message...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Duchess Opens the Ball-Battle of Grosse Kirchbaum Part I

The Grand Army of Grolstein under Field Marshal Mienrad Schwerertrinker made a bold thrust across the frontier to open the Grand Duchess' summer campaign against the Konigsreich. Based on recent reports from patrolling hussars, the Field Marshal reckoned that the bridge near the town of Grosse Kirchbaum was lightly held and could potentially be taken by a surprise coup de main, making the way for a deeper thrust into Bleiherzen proper. The general had at his disposal 2 regiments of infantry, the Grand Duchess' Own Cuirassier Regiment, a strong body of Croats, a unit of French Freicorps mercenaries and Major Glücklicherschuß and his battery of red-coated Grolstein Artillery.

With this small force the Field Marshal hoped to catch the Blieherzeners unprepared at dawn....

the Grolsteiner column masses outside the town of Grosse Kirchbaum

a surprise encounter between the mercenary Freicorps and a Bleiherzen squadron of dragoons doing their morning reconniassance across the critical bridge opens the ball...

Bleiherzener Jagers hold a ford just upriver from the bridge, the village of Neu Jagow in the background held where a Bleiherzener howitzer is posted

the Duchess' Own Cuirassiers

The Field Marshall watches Colonal Jahde's musketeers move through Grosse Kirchbaum

meanwhile a lone horseman gallops through the morning mist stealthily using the woods as cover...what can he be up to?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Like Lazarus Back From the Dead

Citizens were today amazed by the sight of the gallant and presumed dead Colonel Jaehde (wearing a muddy and much holed coat ) riding in to Drossen today with a small escort of Hussars. The young officer in charge of the escort told of finding the Colonel lying unconscious on the battlefield partially covered by the bodies of two more unfortunate Grolteiner musketeers after the battle was so gloriously won by Grolstein. The hussars had been tasked with combing the field for the wounded the evening after the battle. After driving off a party of scavenging Konigreich Jagers the hussars spotted the colonel and, thinking him dead, decided to bring his body in. As they hefted him on to the back of one of the stray horses still grazing the field, the presumably dead man groaned! The hussars gathered round and revived him with a bit of schnapps from a canteen....and the young officer, certainly now thinking of promotion, said, "Let's get this lucky fellow home!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Action

Sad news today from the frontier, Colonel Konrad Jaehde today was killed in action as his regiment gallantly defended a supply column. Colonel Jaehde was recently made the commandant of the first Grolstein regiment of infantry. This was the Regiment's first time in action and by all accounts performed heroically despite its colonel falling in the first volley. The Austrian column was being escorted through Grolstein territory and Regiment Jaehde was brigaded with a Hungarian unit that also performed well in the battle.

No word from the Grand Duchess as to who might replace the colonel.

Colonel Jaehde leads his regiment into action moments before he is felled by a Blieherzener volley.

Hungarian infantry defend the tail of the column, with the Grolsteiners rallying near the bridge (upper far right) after briefly faltering upon the death of their Colonel.

....buying time for the supply column's escape, Austrians and Hungarians resist the pursuing Prussian/Bleiherzen force with steady volleys...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Infantry Regiment Jaehde

Colonel Konrad Jaehde today was made commandant of the first Grolstein regiment of infantry. Regiment Jaehde paraded on the cold, windy drillfield (strangely green for this time of year...) outside of Drossen in their fine new uniforms recently delivered by Grolstein's Chief of Tailors, Herr Muffinger. Rumors are that this regiment will be off to the frontier within the week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visit from the Duchess

"Mon dieu, il est beau!" , the Grand Duchess softly said...

...surprising several of her attendants during a morning visit to Grolstein's Chief of Tailors, Herr Muffefinger. The Duchess, not given to public outbursts, (normally being a careful and discreet woman), astonished courtiers within earshot even reporting that the Duchess showed a slight flush to her normally pale complexion.

Herr Muffefinger had been working day and night to finish the first uniform of the new Grolstein musketeer regiment knowing that the Duchess wanted to personally approve the new design. Though interest throughout the Grolstein Officer Corps for the new post of Commandant has been most intense, the Duchess has yet reveal her choice for the new regiment. But with news of the Duchess' attention, competition will most certainly gain a fever pitch. Hopefully, despite their obvious zeal, those hot-blooded fellows will not revive the reprehensible practice dueling again!

The Grand Duchess is rumored to have, without a word, handed Herr Muffefinger a small red velvet purse just before stepping into to her coach...she inclined her head slightly toward him and wispered, "Sie haben sich Herr Muffefinger übertroffen."

...Muffefinger was reportedly revived by his apprentices several minutes later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The "Point" of the Duchess' Sword

The High Command of the Army of Grolstein reviewing troops in the field. On the left is CinC Field Marshal Mienrad Schwerertrinker and two unnamed ADCs rumored to be political appointments directly requested by the Duchess. The Field Marshall is unhappy with having unknown and untested men in his command entourage but he has no choice but to obey the wishes of the Duchess, who can be most convincing...

On the training grounds near the Grolstein capitol of Drossen, a new regiment of musketeers are being put through their initial training. They are seen here waiting to receive their uniforms...which are yet to be delivered from the tailors.